Evig Natt – Darkland (2010)

26 May

Line Up:

Kirsten Jørgensen – Female Vocals (Reism)
Stein Roger Sund – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars (Dwelling Souls, Thundra, Einherjer, Throne of Katarsis)
Session members:
Thor Erik “Grimnisse” Helgesen – Guitars (Thundra, Throne of Katarsis, Zeno Morf, Dwelling Souls, Obscuration (Nor), Skuggeheim, Myrkraverk)
Rune Fredriksen – Guitar solos (Thundra, Pictures of Pain, Numbed)
Harald Magnus “Rivheim” Helgeson – Drums (Thundra, Zeno Morf, Dwelling Souls, Enslaved (Nor))
Thomas Ljosåk – Vocals (Vesen)
Tord Øverland Knutsen – Cello


1. Darkland
2. Evig Natt
3. Until The End
4. I Die Again
5. Sjelelaus
6. The Wanderer
7. Withered Garden
8. My Sin
9. Epitaph

Genre: Gothic/Doom/Death Metal


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