Kivimetsän Druidi – Betrayal, Justice, Revenge (2010)

26 May

Line Up:

Leeni-Maria Hovila (VOCAL)
Joni Koskinen (GROWLS/GUITAR)
Simo Lehtonen (BASS)
Antti Rinkinen (GUITAR)
Antti Koskinen (KEYBOARDS)
Atte Marttinen (DRUMS)


1. Lament for the Fallen
2. Aesis Lilim
3. Seawitch and the Sorcerer
4. The Visitor
5. Manalan Vartija
6. Tuoppein Nostelulaulu
7. Chant of the Winged One
8. Of Betrayal
9. Desolation: White Wolf
10. Veljet
11. Where Hope and Daylight Die (Summoning Cover)

Genre: Heroic Fantasy Folk Metal


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