The Murder Of My Sweet – Divanity (2010)

6 Jun

Line Up:

Angelica Rylin – Vocals (guest for Crash the System)
Daniel Palmqvist – Guitar (guest for Crash the System)
Johan Niemann – Bass (Afterglow (Swe)/Mind’s Eye (Swe), Demonoid, Hubi Meisel, Tears of Anger, Evil Masquerade, Tiamat, guest for Crash the System)
Andreas Lindahl – Keyboards (Audiovision, Platitude, Wuthering Heights, Loch Vostok, Zool, guest for Manticora, guest for Crash the System}
Daniel Flores – Drums (Evil Masquerade, Secret Sphere, Hubi Meisel, Zool, Fatal Force (Dnk), Tears of Anger, Xsavior, Afterglow (Swe)/Mind’s Eye (Swe), The Codex, 7days, Silent Call, Mindcage, Crash the System)


01. No Evil
02. Follow The Rain
03. Bleed Me Dry
04. Chemical Attraction
05. Kiss of Death
06. One Bullet
07. Tonight
08. Storms of the Sea
09. Destiny
10. Revolution
11. Valerie
12. Death of a Movie Star

Genre: Symphonic Metal


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