Magica – Dark Diary (2010)

7 Jun

Line Up:

Ana Mladinovici – Vocals (2002-) (Interitus Dei (Rou))
Bogdan “Bãţ” Costea – Guitar (2002-) (Interitus Dei (Rou), Fortuneteller, MadDriven)
Sorin Vlad – Bass (2008-) (Cadavrul, Web (Rou))
6Fingers – Keyboards (2003-) (Phonopia, Byron)
Hertz – Drums (2008-) (Cadavrul, Blind Reason (Rou), Nox (Rou), Deathdrive)


01. Anywhere but home
02. Tonight
03. Never like you
04. Wait for me
05. Need
06. Release my demons
07. On the side of Evil
08. My kin my enemy
09. Used to be an angel
10. We are Horde
11. Dear Diary
12. Victory (Bonus Track)

Genre: Power/ Melodic Metal


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