Infinite Tales – Only The Beginning (2009)

13 Jun

Line Up:

Glorf (I.Dovgoteles) – Guitar (Composer, Lyrics)
Imtrid (D.Bondarenko) – Bass
Kiwi (V.Revko) – Vocals
Zolik (Z. Forkosh) – Vocals
Nazar (N.Ustyannik) – Guitar
PerevoD (A.Perevodchik) – Drums, Percussion


1. Intro. Infinite Tales
2. Amoxicillin…Extermination
3. Running Away
4. Point Of No Return
5. No War For This Century
6. Wings
7. DethTale
8. Bridge. Going Down
9. The Night At The Cemetery
10. Waltz In The Flame
11. BloodyField
12. Little More Anger
13. The Warehouse Will Be Your Tomb, Chief
14. Outro. Only The Beginning…

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


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