Darzamat – Solfernus’ Path (2009)

21 Jun

Line Up:

Rafa³ “Flauros” Góral – Harsh Vocals (1995-) (InDread Cold, Mastiphal)
Agnieszka “Nera” Górecka – Female Vocals (2003-) (MidnightDate)
Krzysztof “Chris” Michalak – Guitars (2003-), Bass (on “Solfernus’ Path”) (InDread Cold, Infernal War)
Patryk “Spectre” Kumór – Keyboards (2003-) (Division by Zero)
Mariusz “Rogol” Prêtkiewicz – Drums (2007-)


1. False Sleepwalker
2. Vote For Heresy
3. I Devium (Intro)
4. Pain Collector
5. Final Conjuration
6. Il Fumus (Intro)
7. Gloria Inferni
8. Ill Venenum (Intro)
9. Solfernus’ Path
10. Lunar Silhouette
11. King Of The Burning Anthems
12. IV Spectaculum (Intro)
13. Chimera
14. Mesmeric Seance

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


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