Soulgrind – The Tuoni Pathway (2010)

23 Jun

Line Up:

Azhemin – Vocals, synth, programming (Nomicon, Shape of Despair, Thy Serpent, Wanderer (Fin), Wintermoon (Fin), Raven (Fin), I Flow in Depths)
Whisper Lilith (Tanya Kemppainen) – Vocals (Gloomy Grim, Lullacry)
Lord Heikkinen – Guitar, programming (Fierce (Fin), Gloomy Grim, Tenebrae (Fin), Twilight Ophera, Walhalla (Fin), Evince, Fleshred)
Tony Bite (Toni Näykki) – Guitar (Gandalf (Fin), Shaman (Fin), Twilight Ophera)
Tapio Wilska – Bass (Finntroll, Lyijykomppania, Nattvindens Gråt, Obscene Eulogy, Sethian, Coffin Birth, Survivors Zero, Wizzard (Fin))
Agathon the Beast – Drums (Airdash, Barathrum, Corporal Punishment (Fin), Gloomy Grim, Nomicon, Thy Serpent, Walhalla (Fin))


1. The Call of Dancing Waters 05:14
2. Rain Before the Dawn 05:22
3. March Butterfly 04:13
4. Song of Tomorrow 03:48
5. My Sweet Thought of Death 05:30
6. Tulikannel 04:27
7. Among the Graves 03:59
8. Farewell to Misery 06:25
9. Vuoret Ja Metsänmaa 05:00

Genre: Gothic Metal


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