Mastercastle – Last Desire (2010)

2 Jul

Line Up:

Giorgia Gueglio – Vocals
Pier Gonella – Guitar (Labyrinth (ita), Odyssea, Athlantis, Necrodeath, Wild Steel (Session), Synthphonia Suprema (Guest))
Steve Vawamas – Bass (Angels in Black, Athlantis, The Dogma, Shadows of Steel)
Alessandro Bissa – Drums (Scream (Ita), Vision Divine, Silent Victory, Angelize (Guest))


01. Event Horizon
02. Misr
03. Wild Spell
04. Last Desire
05. Away
06. Space Trip
07. Jade Star
08. Great Heaven’s Climb
09. Cat-House
10. Toxie Radd
11. La Serenissima
12. Scarlett

Genre: Melodic Power Metal


One Response to “Mastercastle – Last Desire (2010)”

  1. ba$h October 31, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    They obviously haven’t enough idea to invent their own logo so they used the official font of Evanescence. No, I don’t like this, though I never heard them.

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