Theatres Des Vampires – Moonlight Waltz (2011)

11 Jan

Line Up:

Sonya Scarlet : Vocals
Fabian Varesi: Keyboard
Zimon Lijoi: Bass Guitar
Gabriel Valerio: Drums
Stephan Benfante: Guitar


01. Keeper of Secrets (5:25)
02. Fly Away (3:32)
03. Moonlight Waltz (4:28)
04. Carmilla (4:59)
05. Sangue (3:59)
06. Figlio Della Luna (4:23)
07. Black Madonna (5:00)
08. Illusion (5:01)
09. Le Grand Guignol (3:57)
10. Obsession (4:25)
11. The Gates of Hades (3:32)
12. Medousa (4:37)

Genre: Gothic Metal





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