The Road To Consciousness project – Road To Consciousness (2011)

1 Feb

Line Up:

Marja Supponen (Rhinestone Lives) – vocals
Kristell Lowagie (Joliet, ex Skeptical Minds, Valkyre) – vocals,
Jamie-Lee Smit (Azylia) – vocals,
Laura Crowet (ex Before Silence) – vocals
Lauryn (ex Aedden) – vocals
Justine Daaé (Ellyose) – vocals
Serge Van de Poel (Crime 7) – vocals
Krys Denhez (Jarell) – vocals
Wan (La Poupée Sanglante) – vocals
Benjamin Albertani (Captain Oats) – vocals
Ville Laaksonen – vocals
Leny Andrieux (Scarin Myself) – vocals
Kris De Bie (Patriarch) – drums,
Eric Renwart (Pixelrace) – solo guitar,
Val “+++” Granson (15 Reasons) solo guitar,
Nico Claus (Scarin Myself) solo guitar,
Manu De Ros (The Temple) – bass,
Yves Huts (Epica) – Orchestral arrangements,
Olivier Van Houte (The Temple, The Moonshine playboys) – Hammond,
Christophe Jaeger (Free Launch) – arpegios,
Bernard Daubresse (Free Launch), song writing, bass, guitar & keys


01 – Renunciation
02 – The Middle Path
03 – Mirror Mirror
04 – I Am God
05 – The wait
06 – Jennifer
07 – Starchild
08 – In A War
09 – The Naked Ape
10 – Even A rose
11 – The Limbo
12 – The Choice
13 – Consciousness

Genre: Gothic Metal





2 Responses to “The Road To Consciousness project – Road To Consciousness (2011)”

  1. Kima February 9, 2011 at 4:46 am #

    Whoah! I’ve never seen a band with so many vocals! Looks very interesting. Thanks!!! 🙂

    Ps. I’ve been following you since version 2.0 days on blogspot 😀

    – your loyal fan.

  2. darryl w March 5, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    hope you are well. i do not know if you have given up in this project, or may just be taking a break. either way i wish to thank you for all of the great things you exposed me to that i would have never known about.

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